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Valentine’s Day String Heart Craft Tutorial

If you’re one of those people who like to decorate their room /home regardless of celebration, today I have prepared  you a Valentine’s Day craft. It’s going to be a Valentine’s heart. You will need a candy tray, embroidery floss, liquid starch, a clear glue – not a hot glue because will completely destroy your work. Also you can use normal thread instead of embroidery floss.

This is a very easy tutorial and you can try do this craft with your kids. If you don’t have any, you can do it all by yourself and decorate your room or the dining table and enjoy a romantic evening with your boyfriend/husband. I think you can also use it to decorate the box in which you put your gift. This craft can be used as a Christmas decoration, or can also be a good as a decoration next to some candles whenever you want to create a romantic atmosphere. The color an size are your choice.  If you choose a bigger size you can use it to decorate a ceremony or a reception. That’s all, i hope you like it! Watch the video below to see the steps:

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Valentine’s Day String Heart Craft Tutorial

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