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10 creative ideas to store shoes

For women who love shoes and thinks that a month where they haven’t bought a new pair is a wasted month, storing them is a real problem.
But for so many shoes you need room and space, especially if you add in your husband and children shoes. Storage problems begin when you do not have a space large enough for all shoes. And you know best, shoes are treasures to be preserved. You must be careful not to damage them and to keep their look as much time as possible. There are many solutions for storing shoes to earn place and space. We’ll show you the most creative ideas, some of which you can easily carry home.
There are many options to store shoes in boxes or baskets. Storage boxes are the simplest option. They can be found in various sizes, colors, even transparent and different materials such as plastic, textile, wood or bamboo. If you want the boxes not to be visible you can host them at the base of cabinet or closet. But you should know that these boxes can function as a decor, if they are arranged in an aesthetically mode. You can even do a “furnishings” boxes if you stick one next / above the other. Another fantastic idea: Instead of boxes you can use colored buckets, boxes because the will highlight the space.10 Creative Ideas To Store Shoes
1. The idea with the boxes is not bad but you have to have space where you can store without getting tangled.1
2. Old boxes never lose their charm. You can call in for some shoes you use often.2
3. A shoe closet would be ideal, but also a dedicated space is also accepted. Hanging long boots, for example, it is useful especially as it keeps no wrinkles.3
4. Such storage boxes are more for the type of summer shoes that do not occupy much space. Slippers, sandals or children shoes.4
5. Hangers are always helpful, not only in this case.5
6. Tubular system is equally useful if you want to store scarves, towels, etc. Depending on the size of the tube you can store the desired type of footwear.6
7. Instead of files you can store as well footwear. Unfortunately high boots or winter boots do not fit here.8

8. Good for space at the house entrance. An old and unused hanger can rejoin the circuit.10
9. The ceiling space is rarely used because not everyone gets there easily. It requires scale. You can make a mini-dressing where to place your things. You can use a small scale that does not take up space in your home.9
10. Hidden in wall closet is another option, but not everyone can modify their walls. But it is an interesting option.14

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