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15 Fun Ways to Offer Money as a Gift

Offering money in a white envelope is old fashion. Why would you offer money as a gift you would think, first? Well, because you can’t find anything to buy for your loved one or you don’t want to go wrong with the gift or maybe that person needs money more than anything else. It’s okay to offer money as a gift but you have to do it in a creative way. That’s why I am here. To show you some great ways to offer such a present. Here are the ideas:15 Fun Ways to Offer Money as a Gift
1. Confetti and Cash Balloon
I know you are happy when you see money but aren’t you happier when you see them in a colored balloon with confetti? I’m telling you that’s real joy!1
2. DIY Money Cake
If you have great crafting skills and time and you want to offer quite some money try this cake option. You will decorate the cake with money. Delicious, for the pocket, right?2
3. Surprising Money Balloons
I think I would love to wake up with money hanging from the wall.3
4. Easy Peasy Money Box Gift
Instead of tissues you dollar bills tapped end-to-end and rolled inside the tissue box is a fun gift. If you’re not a saver, you know what I mean.4
5. Pizza
I would love to order this kind of pizza once in a while. I think I would be hungry all time: pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner.5
6. Easy DIY Money Necklace
Now that’s something you don’t see every day. Your lady would love this.6
7. DIY Money Wrapped Crayons
This gift is very easy to make and very creative. Plus you can hide money like this whenever you want. No one would know.7
8. Rainy Day Cash Umbrella
It’s raining cash!! Attach the money to ribbons and tie them inside the umbrella. Offer the umbrella as a gift. When he/she will open it, the joy will come.8
9. DIY Money Candles Card
It takes some time to place the money and create this gift, but this is something to remember.9
10. DIY Money Bouquet
Very easy to make and perfect for kids.10
11. Hidden Money Gift in a Manson Jar Filled with Candy
Fill a jar with candies and then place a paper roll inside. Place the money there and put the lid. It’s a really fun and easy to make idea!11
12. Money Rose
If you want to be romantic offer money as a rose. Just be careful because you need some skills to do it right.12
13. DIY Money Pad Gift
This is my favorite. It’s great to have money handy especially if are stored like this.13
14. Money in a Matchbox
This is a simple idea but it signifies “wish you have money to burn”. Very practical and quick.14
15. Emergency Cash Frame
In case of emergency break the frame. It’s also a great décor for your room.15

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