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DIY: Makeup Setting Spray

Every woman aspires to a long lasting makeup, flawless either for daily duties, or for special moments, when she participates in an important event or has a business meeting. Therefore, we use a whole arsenal of professional makeup products – from primers, translucent powder and waterproof products for eyebrows, eyes, cheeks and lips.

Even so, there are situations where even they cannot cope. Situations experienced on wedding day when emotions force you to pay attention to additional makeup or those hot summer days when temperatures threaten your makeup base.

The problem multiplies exponentially for those of us who have oily skin prone to acne and who are eternally preoccupied with the shiny appearance of our skin. If you have this problem, you have to wager on mattifying makeup products – primer, foundation, powder, wipes (tissues blotting) with which to absorb excess oil throughout the day and of course, the subject of today’s article, makeup setting spray. Makeup setting products form a thin film on makeup, protecting it from external factors and preventing its destruction due to temperature or sebum. Makeup setting spray is a great ally to avoid stretching makeup during the evening. Here is how to obtain it at home:

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